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01-12-2008, 08:56 PM
So the men have their man laws in the manly man forum, so here are the womens rules.

1. The female always makes the rules
2. The rules are subject to change at any time without prior notification.
3. No male can possibly know all the rules.
4. If the female suspects the MALE know all the rules, she must immediately change some or all of the rules.
5. The female is never wrong.
6. If the female is wrong, it is due to a misunderstanding which was a result of something the male did or said wrong.
7. The male must apologize immediately for causing said misunderstanding.
8. The female may change her mind at any time.
9. The male must never change his mind without the express written consent of the female.
10. The female has every right to be angry or upset at any time.
11. The male must remain calm at all times unless the female wants him to be angry or upset.
12. The female must, under no circumstances, let the male know whether or not she wants him to be angry and/or upset.
13. The male is expected to mind read at all times.
14. Any attempt to document the rules could result in bodily harm.
15. If the female has PMS, all the rules are null and void.
16. The female is ready when she is ready.
17. The male must be ready at all time.
18. The male who doesn't abide by the rules can't take the heat, lacks backbone, and is a wimp.

Anyone else got any that should be added???? ;):p

01-13-2008, 12:37 AM
Pure mischief! lol

01-13-2008, 12:46 AM
thats me!! :D :D:D:D:D:D
I even have a t-shirt with that on....it does exactly what it says on the tin


The Publisher
01-13-2008, 05:10 AM
This reminds me of two women at a dance club that I just made small talk with. I didn't go sit with them, they didn't go sit with me, we just happened to be sitting next to each other. After an hour or so I walked them out to their car as we all left at the same time. Neither were my type, but they were both pleasant till the very end at least.

So I hereby petition the Women's Rule Committee to add this:

Women's Rule #19:

If you men come on to us, you're a pervert, if you don't, you're gay.