View Full Version : New Sony Camcorder Models for 2008

01-10-2008, 08:16 PM
Sony's just listed sixteen new camcorder models for 2008 at sonystyle.com (http://www.sonystyle.com)

Five AVCHD models

Three new HDD models:

HDR-SR12 - 5.6MP sensor - 120GB HDD. $1399
HDR-SR11 - 5.6MP sensor - 60GB HDD. $1199
HDR-SR10 - 2.3MP sensor - 40GB HDD. $999

Two new DVD recording models:

HDR-UX20 - 2.3MP sensor - records to DVD, Internal 8GB Flash memory or Memory Stick Pro Duo media. $999
HDR-UX20 - 2.3MP sensor - records to DVD or Memory Stick Pro Duo media. $799

One HDV tape model:

HDR-HC9 - 3.2MP sensor - $1099

And 10 new SD models

Four new HDD models:

DCR-SR45 - 680K sensor - 30GB HDD. $499
DCR-SR65 - 340K sensor - 40GB HDD. $599
DCR-SR85 - 680K sensor - 60GB HDD. $699
DCR-SR220 - 2.3MP sensor - 60GB HDD. $849

Four new DVD models:

DCR-DVD910 - 2.3MP sensor. $549
DCR-DVD810 - 340K sensor - records to DVD or 8GB flash memory. $479
DCR-DVD710 - 680K sensor - records to DVD or Memory Stick Pro Duo. $399
DCR-DVD610 - 340K sensor - records to DVD or Memory Stick Pro Duo. $349

Two new tape models:

DCR-HC62 - 690K sensor. $299
DCR-HC52 - 340K sensor. $249

All are available between 2/15/08 and 3/14/08

03-25-2008, 03:21 PM
Hmmm... I wonder if all of the HD models use the CMOS sensors instead of the CCD's. I've had almost nothing but trouble with the CMOS sensor in my HC-7, at least in our murky waters off Catalina. Will have to try it in clear tropical waters.

Papa Bear
03-26-2008, 04:01 AM
It is a one chip camera and needs a lot of light! Three chip beats them in low light hands down!

10-14-2008, 09:17 AM
Umm there is a reason why Sony haven't gone for a Cmos sensor in their B&P video products.

I vaguely remember the broadcast video CCD's are 4MP each and when sandwiched together into a $80K camera only resolve 3.2MP at full broadcast video.
Don't get caught up in CCD and CMOS > look at the end results.

I went for a crappy DCR-DVD905e because I will still be able to retrieve my footage if the housing cracks ( my most common problemn getting in or out of the bloody boat )

The Publisher
10-14-2008, 03:43 PM
I guess if it records to a CDC, the CD won't be ruined by water, whereas I know an SD memory card sure is toast when it gets submerged.

Most of Sony's new prosumer stuff is all CMOS chips, some even 3 CMOS chips.

I have seen some amazing macro from Chuck Nicklin using a single CMOS chip and lights. My 3CCD FX1 couldn't get low light stuff inside the Caves in Danao in Bohol, Philippines last month, but my little Kodak V1953 still camera that does HD video was able to get at least some low light stuff.

There sure is a difference though with 3 chips compared to 1 when you put footage side by side.

Papa Bear
10-14-2008, 11:53 PM
Sony has announced the new HDR-FX1000 with 1.5 Lux capabilities! It is built in the same body as the FX1 and has many of the AU1 features! My next camera and it will slide right in! :eek::rolleyes::D