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  1. Painful Looking Surf Exit Video
  2. Cave diver death in Red Sea-1st hand report
  3. Scary or embarrassing moments
  4. Bit of News
  5. Instructor Incident
  6. Jupiter, Florida missing diver
  7. Missing Hawaii Diver
  8. Divers Survives 10 Hours at Sea
  9. Mine death
  10. Report on Coast Guard Lt. who died ice diving
  11. Think twice before golfball diving
  12. Fatal Diving accident caught on tape
  13. Reverse block at 90 feet
  14. Shark attacks diver video
  15. Eel rips diver's thumb off-graphic
  16. Missing diver found deceased off Florida
  17. 2 Ohio Divers die in frigid quarry
  18. Man impaled with regulators!!!!
  19. Video of ROV recovering tech divers
  20. Gilboa Quarry Diver Death
  21. Sudden loss of consciousness on an RB: Near-drowning and rescue
  22. Hmmm, truth or hidden agenda?
  23. Ammonia in tank?
  24. Yet another senseless death
  25. Diver Killed by Lightning
  26. Pilot whale attacks diver video
  27. Shark attack video/Repellant used
  28. Tech Training Dive Goes Bad- Caught on Tape
  29. Proof how stingray barb can kill-video
  30. Todays lesson is?
  31. what is the craziest / funniest thing you have done underwater?
  32. Buddy/wife dilemma
  33. An accident waiting to happen...
  34. Coast Guard Stops Searching for Missing Diver
  35. Drowned Diver captured in u/w tourist photo
  36. Scuba divers remains found-video
  37. Tigershark kills camera
  38. ROV discovers dead tech diver
  39. Caught on video-Shark savages divers arm
  40. 3 missing in Mex Cave
  41. Closeup of large sharkbite on Galapagos diver
  42. Dive Buddies & Panic kills!
  43. Diver Killed by Shark
  44. Eagle ray leaps onto boat, kills Miami woman
  45. The Real Story of the Bahama man Eater!
  46. Swimmer killed by Great White!
  47. 8 Missing Divers!
  48. Speedboat runs over divers in Egypt
  49. Solo rebreather divers dies in Florida cave
  50. Missing tourists rescued after spending night in ocean
  51. Missing diver
  52. Diver dies at Casino Point Avalon Catalina
  53. Oz Divers refuse to pay for rescue
  54. Dive masks cuts off girls nose?
  55. Follow up to missing diver
  56. 1 divers dies, 9 injured in Maldives
  57. 5 European Divers Missing in Indonesia
  58. Diver killed himself following malicious email bombardment encouraging him to .......
  59. Shallow water blackout kills
  60. Photographer Morton Pechter Passes Away
  61. Women and Children first...Abandon ship!!
  62. Video - Bottlenose Dolphin Bodyslams Woman
  63. Geelong man dies in Port Phillip Bay wreck dive
  64. Divers Body Found Near Andrea Doria
  65. ScubaStarNet Accident/afety Tracking Survey
  66. Diving Accident Kills Man Who Save Woman
  67. Newly certified diver dies on 150' dive
  68. Left Behind Diver Swims 12 hours to Island
  69. Video-Great White Breaks Through Divers Cage
  70. Diver's Body Found in Blue Hole
  71. Fisherman catches diver-hooked in lip with photo
  72. Video-Elephant Seal Attacks Rebreather Diver
  73. Video: How 2 Jump Off Boat onto Other Diver
  74. Tiger shark shot by spearfishermen
  75. Spear in the Head!
  76. Shocking Video-Sperm Whale Attacks Japanese Boat, 1 Dies
  77. Diver Drowns off Anacapa, Southern California
  78. Crocodile Attack Dive in Raja Ampat
  79. National Geo Divers Dies on Expedition Shoot
  80. Boy Dies in Hyerbaric Chamber Explosion
  81. 2 Divers Die on the HMS Scylla
  82. Divers Dies at Malaga Cove, Palos Verdes, Calif
  83. Scuba Diver in Cebu Dies from Boat Propeller
  84. Ontario town moves to regulate 'rude and obnoxious' scuba divers
  85. Man loses hand in scuba tank explosion
  86. Cozumel Dive Accident Kills 15 Year Old Boy
  87. Bahamas diving accident kills young Florida man
  88. Cayman Islands tourist dead after another Divers Down accident
  89. Are rescue breaths a thing of the past?
  90. Train Accident
  91. Woman Dies on Certification Dive at Catalina Island
  92. Minimum 25 years for PADI dive shop owner convicted of murder
  93. Caught on Video- 1 killed, 6 Injured in Lifeboat Accident
  94. Divers Missing in Australia
  95. Thailand scuba diving accident leaves one tourist missing, another cut in half
  96. Diver wanted to die after suffering deadly irukandji jellyfish sting
  97. Diver Sues Doctor Who Caused Leg Loss
  98. Kiwi Diver Injured by Boat Propeller
  99. Sea World Woman Killed by Captive Orca
  100. Cousteau on SeaWorld Tragedy
  101. Diver Found After Drifting for 2 Days
  102. Park ranger saved from giant Nile crocodile attack by pregnant wife
  103. Swedish Girl Almost Killed by Jellyfish in Thailand
  104. Large whale buried in glass tomb in southern Vietnam
  105. Large sharks seen near where surfer went missing
  106. Diver 'died of heart attack brought on by stress of saving friend from drowning'
  107. 40kg groper eats 35cm pipe
  108. Diver forced to leave dying mate to drown in cave
  109. Octopus steals diver's video camera - while it's recording
  110. Breaching Whale Capsizes Canoe, Drowning Man
  111. U.S. Diver Dies in Bahamas
  112. Decades Later, Sea Tragedy Survivor Breaks Silence
  113. Giant basking shark killed by fishermen off Baja California
  114. The hunt is on
  115. Whale watchers get rare view of 8 orcas killing, eating sea lion off Southern Califor
  116. SeaWorld orca dies while giving birth
  117. Sea Turtle Finds Lost Camera, Films Itself Swimming
  118. 'Miracle' whale defies Danish doom-mongers
  119. Little-known pancake batfish could be one of oil spill's early victims
  120. Lost flipper isn't slowing down Gilda the sea turtle
  121. Egypt oil spill threatens marine life
  122. Shark meets the real Jaws
  123. Is BP burning sea turtles alive?
  124. Deadly pursuit: The moment diver comes face to face with killer shark
  125. Whale lands on yacht
  126. Wes Skiles, Pioneering Adventure Photographer, Dies At 52
  127. Belize: Jeff Greene's yacht tore up coral reef, left unpaid fines up to $1.87 million
  128. Woman: Shark took me for a ride
  129. Divers capture smiling pilot whale on camera
  130. Man eaten by killer shark
  131. Seal escapes from shark's jaws
  132. Manta Ray Absconds With $5,000 Camera
  133. Exploding scuba tank kills two tourists
  134. Barracuda-Like Fish Punctures Woman's Chest: Why?
  135. Drifting Dan Awarded 1.5 Million
  136. Shark's Target: I Was "Quivering All Over"
  137. Villagers feast on rare whale shark
  138. Revealed: The amazing pictures lost at sea capture divers' miracle survival
  139. Researcher: Fish numbers triple after oil spill fishing closures
  140. Snapped in the act: Thieving shark makes off with camera
  141. Sudden air pressure change led to Scottish diver’s death
  142. 3 Teen Boys Adrift for 50 days Rescued
  143. Instructor Vanishes on Deep Gulf Danger Dive
  144. Tourists tell of shark panic as 'sea turned red'
  145. Russian & French Scuba Diver Killed by Dynamite Fisherman
  146. Archipelago Fleet Closess after 2 Boats Damaged & Destroyed
  147. Woman Impaled by Barracuda Tells Dramatic Story
  148. Shark tried to pull her under water, Canadian nurse says
  149. Rare 1823 Wreck Found—Capt. Linked to "Moby-Dick," Cannibalism
  150. Monster makes a meal of sneak attack
  151. Mexican Divers To The Rescue Of Caught Whale
  152. Monster squid lands on Florida beach
  153. How to learn from other people's mistakes
  154. Scuba man jailed for wife's death
  155. Experienced' diver taken by sharks
  156. Abalone Divers Killed by 2 Great White Sharks
  157. Scientists investigate after deepwater sunfish wash up....
  158. Missing Fiji diver believed to be shark attack victim
  159. Divers to retrieve woman's body from cave
  160. Michigan man dies shortly after dive
  161. 150 turtles trapped in single net, die
  162. Porpoise, Stranded by Japan's Tsunami, Rescued from Rice Paddy
  163. Vietnam hauls in beloved turtle for medical treatment
  164. A shark bite incident - the real story
  165. Fishing Hook Kills Shark, 11 Unborn Pups
  166. Officials respond to dead sharks
  167. Shark attack leaves photographer with ringside view
  168. Kennewick companies named in scuba wrongful death case Read more: http://www.tri-cit
  169. 2 dead in separate Puget Sound diving accidents
  170. Boy, 16, Dead After Diving at Dutch Springs Saturday 5/21/2011
  171. 'Like a missile,' whale shatters Swiftsure boat off Oregon
  172. Experience: I got the bends
  173. Turtle sick to stomach with plastic
  174. Flipping amazing... the moment a humpback whale 'thanks' rescuers
  175. Great white shark jumps from sea into research boat
  176. Dog Takes Bite Out of Shark in YouTube Hit
  177. Dolphins maintained vigil for drowned Irishman in Australia
  178. Diver stares into jaws of shark
  179. Dolphin shows to resume at Brookfield Zoo after accidental death of one of them
  180. Exploding Scuba Tank
  181. Orcas, sharks in feeding frenzy
  182. Shark hunting at ‘alarming rate’ in Bali
  183. Filmmakers die in helicopter crash
  184. First Ever Photo of a Shark Eating Another Shark
  185. The diving detective: Scuba explorer finds camera
  186. Claim fishermen failed to warn of great white days before fatal attack
  187. In mourning: Dolphin photographed carrying the broken body of its baby
  188. Free Larry! Man buys 17lbs monster lobster from restaurant's fish tank
  189. State Tracking 9 Great White Sharks Labeled Killers by "Officials"?
  190. Dolphins stun large yellowtail, boy snatches it for dinner
  191. Diver wearing 'Bite Me' T-shirt provokes angry great white shark
  192. Florida Dive-Boat Mishap Leaves Woman Dead
  193. Green sea turtle swims underwater for first time in 11 years