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  1. Police Reel in Scuba Diver Robber
  2. MSC Napoli
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  4. Another good DVD..
  5. Sound of the Open Road
  6. What is it about diving you like?
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  8. Colorful Characters (And We Don't Mean The Fishes)
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  12. Virgin Wreck Found
  13. Stone Age Atlantis in the Solent
  14. An underwater wedding
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  16. "The Truth will Surface"
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  19. New Diver Community Site www.BlueFlipper.net
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  21. What got you into diving?
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  23. New "We Go Down" Video
  24. Cool Nintendo Scuba Video!
  25. Scuba Retail Therapy
  26. Memories & Experiences OW/Basic class.
  27. In memory of Steve Carmichael-Timson
  28. Log Book Stamps
  29. Is the PADI OW Manual too simplified?
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  32. Law & Order
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  37. Journalist exaggerates dive experience
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  40. Alternative to Speedos???
  41. A chain story of scuba
  42. Scuba Instructor Indicted over Student Death
  43. Scuba Olympics
  44. Home made Nautilus Nemo Submarine
  45. "Scuba Diving-The Magazine Divers Trust" is sold
  46. Instructional Video-Blowing Bubble Rings
  47. Great virtual scuba site for kids
  48. Google Announces Google Sea, like Google Maps
  49. BBC's Underwater 360 panoramic videos
  50. Videogame Trailer with Divers on MkV CCR's
  51. Video-Freight Train vs. Tornado, See Who Wins!
  52. New Law Bans Scuba Divers
  53. Video-The ULTIMATE Dive Gear Carrier!
  54. Interesting Article on Mosquito Repellant
  55. 70-foot blue whale washes ashore on Mendocino County coast
  56. video: live coral biolglobe
  57. WWII flier's remains finally return home thanks to BentProp team
  58. Giant Jellyfish Sink Japanese Trawler
  59. Russian Underwater Magazine
  60. Underwater Journal
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  63. World's best shark dives
  64. In Pictures: Sperm whale surprise
  65. Leviathans may battle in remote depths
  66. Seattle giant octopus expert tells all in new book
  67. Aussie Researchers Document Shark And Manta Ray 'Clean, Wax And Polish' Stations Alon
  68. This could be underwater love....
  69. Monster hammerhead shark heads to Queensland
  70. Syracuse man tells about the monster bluefin tuna he caught back in 1957
  71. Caught on CritterCam, Sea Lion Attacks Octopus
  72. Fernando Ramirez Arrrested for Selling Stolen Scuba Gear on Craigslist
  73. Dive Instructor Booted from PADI for Porno
  74. Pregnant hammerhead shark found dead at Delray Beach
  75. Expert Teaches You How to Get Eaten by a Great White Shark
  76. Making a splash: 'Real-life mermaid' swims with reef sharks
  77. Super squid sex organ discovered
  78. Flying manta ray soars ten feet in the air to find mate
  79. Important News About Your Underwater Journal Magazine
  80. Dolphins Herded In Japanese Cove But None Killed
  81. MAN FIGHTS CROCODILE - Survives attack by poking reptile's eye
  82. Incredible pictures of great white sharks taken by a diver with only a broomstick
  83. Amazing close up shot of a moray eel
  84. Video - How To Get a Hug From an Elephant Seal
  85. Man who coined the term 'scuba' dies
  86. Operators worried new shark movie might hurt Far North tourism
  87. Shark painting 'scares off tourists'
  88. Video - Dolphin Playing with Cat
  89. Wildlife welcome: Photographer shoots models underwater...
  90. Princess of whales: How a naked female scientist tries to tame belugas
  91. Fast food: The speediest fish on the planet
  92. Hawaii Divers Loses Camera, Washes Ashore in Taiwan