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  1. Resources on Fish ID's
  2. Sustainable organic shrimp production
  3. Giant Squid Caught Live on Video
  4. Mantis Shrimp on steroids?
  5. Whos a Pretty eerrmm?
  6. Rare "Prehistoric" Shark Photographed Alive
  7. Calamari anyone?
  8. Bipedal Coconut crab behavior
  9. Box Jellyfish
  10. Flying mantas!
  11. "Extinct" Coelacanth Hooked in Sulawesi Waters
  12. 4 Dead Dolphins
  13. Pink Dolphin
  14. Voracious jumbo squid invade California
  15. Cool Black Sea Nettle Video Footage
  16. Male Octopus has morning sickness
  17. it's a squid, it's an octopus, it's...octosquid!
  18. pistol shrimp cocks claw like a sonic weapon
  19. Name or Identify this Critter?
  20. end of dive blue wrasse
  21. Pretty Cool Jellyfish
  22. Who am i ?
  23. Please solve this mystery for us!
  24. What is my name?
  25. Can you identify this fish from Fiji
  26. Dolphins are expert bubble ring blowers
  27. Snakehead found in UK waters??!!
  28. What cleans the cleaner?
  29. 20lb, 100 yr old lobster video
  30. Study Claims Sunscreen Killing Coral Reefs
  31. 2lb of plastic poison found in Whales stomach
  32. Wallet missing for 35 years found in shark
  33. NOAA baffled over ocean readings
  34. UK Times : Vast iceberg breaks off Wilkins Ice Shelf in Antarctic
  35. File under "Aaaaw"
  36. Shark Finning Fishery Proposed in Queensland
  37. BBC article : Sharks swim closer to extinction
  38. Oceanic whitetips
  39. Jellyfish Proliferation
  40. BBC Article : Stingray migration
  41. Released Juvenile Great White Saga Continues
  42. A Sea of Golden Rays
  43. Video test showing Great Whites scare of Dolphins?
  44. Duck mussels
  45. Is there such a thing as a .... purple turtle??
  46. New Species of manta Discovered-Video
  47. Octopus - left or right handed?
  48. Clownfish use Scent to Find their Way Home
  49. Jelly fish ID
  50. Whale Shark poo...scientific gold!!
  51. Penguin jumps onto boat to evade orcas
  52. "giant sea spiders"? video
  53. 3 Whales Singing Identical Songs-Video & Recording
  54. "Piglet Squid" with photo
  55. Spookfish uses Mirrors for Eyes
  56. Scientists Discover New "Bamboo Coral" species
  57. Lionfish now in Georgian waters
  58. Video-Most Bizarre Fish with see-through Head
  59. What is it ?
  60. New "Psychadelic" Frogfish Found: Histiophryne psychedelica
  61. Almost Extinct Dolphin Found in Greater Numbers
  62. Researchers Use DNA to Study Whale Shark Migration
  63. Tiger Shark video
  64. 5 New Species of Pygmy Seahorses Discovered
  65. New Study Says Fish Feel Pain
  66. Changes to Current Shark Fishing Rules on the Horizon
  67. Damselfish in Symbiotic Relationship with Frogfish?
  68. Wanna hear a dolphin joke??
  69. Harlequin filefish - Beaked leatherjacket
  70. Caught on Video-Bizarre Long Arm Squid
  71. Shark Bite Prompts Surpise Birth
  72. Video - Leopard Seal Adopts Diver
  73. Video - Shark Feeder Behavior Short
  74. Killer Whale vs Great White Shark
  75. Freediver hitching a ride on a Beluga Whale
  76. Megamouth Shark
  77. Urgent Help Needed to Protect Lemon Sharks!
  78. Mantis Shrimp's Unique Vision Revealed
  79. Close Encounters of the Giant Kind
  80. Study of Shark Virgin Birth Shows Offspring Can Survive Long Term
  81. Lemons Are Here Pt.1
  82. Deep Sea Snail Shell Unique Armour Strategies
  83. What did I almost step on?
  84. Sad-Fish? Frumpy Fish? Create Your Own Fun Caption!
  85. Be Afraid! Be VERY Afraid!!!!
  86. Rare encounter on Breakers reef
  87. Monster colossal squid is slow not fearsome predator
  88. Sea serpents are surfacing all over the world
  89. Shark sense
  90. Study Shows Seaweed Kills Corals
  91. Video- How Starfish Re-Right Themselves
  92. Interesting U/W Video from Oil Rigs
  93. Video- Bizarre Fish with See Through Head
  94. Swarm of Lion's Mane jellyfish off coast in Cornwall, UK
  95. new reef guide online
  96. Amazing Time Lapse Video: Spider Crab Molting
  97. Difference Between Wonderpus and Mimic Octopus
  98. What is this bizzare creature ?
  99. Mutant Lobster
  100. Anyone know what this is??
  101. I Pledge Not to Eat Shark Fin Soup
  102. Sharks use fish to stay clean, says Bangor research
  103. Mass Stranding! Volunteers Needed!
  104. Need help identifying what I'mlooking at
  105. Rare bright-orange lobster looks cooked, but it still lives
  106. Glass of his own: Howard the hairy hermit crab shows off his custom-made shell
  107. skark!
  108. Flying Devil Ray Video!
  109. I thought these were fossils!
  110. Small fish found on Central CA beach
  111. Recent trip to Samana -- Found an eel!
  112. Online Coral Reef Guide
  113. Anyone any idea?
  114. Eggsac on Fins!
  115. Rare Albino Humbpack Whale Pics
  116. Marine scientists needed for OceansWatch Expedition 2013
  117. I'm not sure what this is
  118. Sea Slug has Detachable Sex Gear!
  119. Found this in Cuba
  120. Stingray Facts
  121. I'm not sure what this is